Stooping to Stand

Stories of the African American Staff of the Dooley Mansion

Stooping to Stand is a new docudrama series produced by Morgan's company, Morgan Avery Mccoy Inc. that pays tribute to unsung heroes whose names might not be in the history books, but their sacrifices made a substantial difference in the lives of their families and community at large. “Stooping to Stand...” weaves together the stirring true stories of the African American Staff who worked for the Dooleys at Maymont, 1893-1925.  The living history actors tell heartfelt first-person stories of how they overcame hardships of disrespect, poor wages, and long hours away from their family, to maintain a hope that future generations will be uplifted by their sacrifices. Inspirational opening and closing remarks are provided by Dr. Janice Underwood, Virginia's Chief Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officer.

Virtual Screening is Tuesday, February 9, 2021 at 6:30.