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In addition to a love for working in front of the camera, Morgan is a talented writer, director, and producer. After earning her Masters Degree in Film Producing she began her production company Morgan Avery McCoy Inc. (MAM Inc. Productions) which specializes in creating content that advocates for the underserved, teaches historical truths, and brings awareness to mental health and physical health issues. In addition to in house productions, MAM Inc works with clients to collaboratively help them find and tell their stories in an authentic way. Services can include script development (film or stage), casting, filming, editing, scoring, marketing and distribution for PSAs, Films, Documentaries, Plays, or Commercials.

New Finding Boaz
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After a failed engagement,Torrey enrolls into her cousin Nell's "How to Catch a Man School" and learns the lesson of a lifetime!

stooping to stand

Docu drama

Stooping to Stand is a docu drama series produced by Morgan Avery McCoy Inc. This series is designed to pay tribute to unsung heroes who's names might never be in the history books, but their sacrifice changed the history for their families and their communities at large. Each project shines light on individuals or groups of individuals accomplishments, sacrifices, and hopes to make a better tomorrow. Our first volume of the project is in collaboration with Maymont Foundation telling the stories of the African American Staff of the Maymont Mansion from 1893-1925.  The virtual screening for Stooping to Stand: African American Staff of the Dooley Mansion is February 9, 2021. For more information about our next Stooping to Stand project, please follow our fb page @morganaverymccoyinc.

Evolution of a Woman
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One Woman Show

“Evolution of a Black Girl…” is an inspiring one woman show where actress, Morgan McCoy, portrays 12 different characters. Her unforgettable performance of these women take the audience on a journey from Africa during the 1400’s to America present day and shows the various stages black women found themselves throughout American history. Stories of powerful women such as Phyllis Wheatley, Harriet Tubman, Maggie Walker, Madam CJ Walker, Rosa Parks, Shirley Chisholm, Josephine Baker, and Michelle Obama are creatively told throughout this show. In addition to entertaining and educating the audience, this show strategically describes current epidemics that challenge today’s society in hopes that the voices of the past can offer solutions to save the future. This show is designed to educate, entertain, and encourage all who see it to embrace who they are and strive for excellence. After the show, Morgan McCoy hosts a talk back session with the audience to answer any questions, share her intentions on writing the pieces and hear the audience’s thoughts of the show.

shes got issues

One Woman Show

She's Got Issues is a moving one woman show that creates an atmosphere of healing for all who witness it. In this show, Morgan McCoy portrays 7 women who deal with issues such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, breast cancer, human trafficking, adultery, and much more. These issues are addressed in a creative, dramatic, comedic, and thought provoking way. This show incites conversation, revelation, and most importantly, transformation. After presenting the seven charactrs, Morgan McCoy, does a sermonette connecting the characters with the woman with the issue of blood and those wh are present in the audience. The prayer is that after experiencing "She's Got Issues" everyone will leave out whole.


Care for me
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One Woman Show

"Care For Me..." is a powerful dramatization advocating for adoption. In this presentation, Morgan McCoy portrays a young girl waiting to be adopted, a woman who is contemplating on adoption, and a teenager who is bitter because she never received a forever family. This presentation puts the issues of orphans in the face of the audience and dispels some of the negative myths on adoption. This tear-jerking performance is designed to encouage the audience to adopt and/or to at least care for orphans in some capacity. After the dramatization, Morgan speaks on the adoption need of the particular geographic area she is in at the time.

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